Sharing Roterfaden BK_19 Inside and Out

Sharing Roterfaden BK_19 Inside and Out

Oh, we are so thrilled to share how Roterfaden BK_19 works inside and out. A lot of our BK community members have asked us how the Roterfaden clip system works with inside notebooks so here it is! I so appreciate the straight-forward functionality of the Roterfaden system so much and I think having the system to be available in much more mobile and lightweight proportion brings more analogue delight!

Special thank you to Eunice's family to try out Roterfaden BK_19!

The BK team behind the video:
Eunice for shooting and editing the video to communicate the beauty of Roterfaden BK_19.

Roterfaden BK_19 - Gray (Also available in brown)
BK Notebook / Sketch
BK Notebook / Journey Is The Destination
Traveler's Company Brass Pen
TSL x BK / Pen Holder


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