Nurturing your zen garden

Nurturing your zen garden

I appreciate that we can bring the beauty of nature even when space is really limited. I love what our friend Susan has done to create a miniature zen garden in her home with a little bit of white sand and a beautifully ornamental cement sphere.

Have it on your study desk, living room table... or on the side of the kitchen counter. Whenever you need a moment to get lost in the space, just roll the sphere to see the kind of patterns you can create... Have something to trigger the quiet moment to breathe. I think it's a great alternative to picking up our phone to see the newest and latest on our social media.

I also love the way light hits the contour of the sand depending on the time of the day. 
If you are interested, here is the source:
Thank you, Susan, for sharing your idea!!

photographs by Susan (aka the Other Kennedy Compound)


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