Have fun journaling with Mizushima Clear Stamp Set!

Have fun journaling with Mizushima Clear Stamp Set!

I love love love the possibility of Mizushima Clear Stamps. With all the elements that come in one box, the stamp designs you can create are endless. Also having an acrylic clear base to attach the stamp design makes it easy for us to see where we are actually stamping, making sure that your design lands exactly where you intended on the page! You can transform the most minimalistic planner into very personal pages. Enjoy:)


The BK team behind the video: Eunice for creating the journaling pages with stamps and editing the footage beautifully.


Clear Stamp / "KATACHI" Set 03 

Clear Stamp / Journal Set "Rough" 

[BK Notebook] JIYU Planner 

Traveler's Notebook / Camel 

Artnic Stamp Pad 

TSL x BK / Pen Holder 

TN/ 030/ Brass Clip 

Classiky Wood Small Box 


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