Kurozan x Cordovan Leather / A Petite Comparison!

Kurozan x Cordovan Leather / A Petite Comparison!

Hello Bk friends! We hope you have been well. We are just quickly popping on here to do a quick visual comparison video between The Cordovan and Kurozan leather. While we have previously had Cordovan artifacts in the past, the Kurozan is quite new to us. Our good customer Jack inquired about how they differ visually so we thought it would  be a great idea to show them on a quick video. 

The first and most striking characteristic you will notice is the texture. The Kurozan has a fine-pebbled texture throughout, and the Cordovan has a very sleek smooth texture. The Kurozan is more matte at first glance however it has a sparkly peak at the top of the pebbling; so when the light hits it at certain angles you can really witness it glisten. The Cordovan is shiny and glossy, almost like when you pour melted chocolate over a cake and it’s got that nice glossy luster. 

You can expect the Cordovan to remain glossy and continue to develop the shine over time. The Kurozan’s sparkle will eventually patina to a matte texture much like how sterling silver changes, but will then transform again in character becoming shiny where the leather is in contact repeatedly with your hands. 

The firmness of both leathers feel quite hard meaning it’s got great structure. It will of course get softer over time but without affecting the durability. Speaking of durability, both leathers are extremely strong. The Kurozan is considered so strong due to its lacquering process that it is hard to cut even with a sword! The Cordovan is also substantial in strength and I can personally attest to this as this well-loved wallet shown in the video is over 13 years old. It does have very fine scratches in some areas but it is still in beautiful condition retaining that amazing luster. 

Both types of leather take a great amount of labor of love to reach their unique characteristics and are charming in their own ways. We think it will be such an enjoyable experience to watch them change over time and tell the story of each individual user!

- Eunice 

Bk Artifacts Featured in the video:



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