How To Change The Kokuyo Crayon Refill

How To Change The Kokuyo Crayon Refill

Greetings from BK studio in Altadena. Some artifacts need little more visual information because they bring new designs and fresh ways of looking at an ordinary object, don't they? KOKUYO Crayon Highlighter is definitely one of those artifacts. We LOVE the clean design that is so unlike a regular highlighter we might see at an office product store and the smooth texture of the highlighter when we glide it over the page. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all around. But at the same time, figuring out how to change the refill crayon was an immediate challenge for me. The product itself didn't have a clear design language that suggested where to access the refill. I totally broke my first crayon trying to change the refill from the bottom of the crayon. (please tell me that I am not the only one??)

So I asked Eunice to create an easy how-to video to showcase the refill changing process. After watching this video, I was easily able to exchange the refill! It was such a relief. I hope you find the video useful too.

The BK team behind the video:
Eunice for helping me figure out how to change this crayon refill and saving yet another crayon and refill to be broken through the process (lol). And seriously. Eunice for always breaking the how-to in easy steps so we can follow along with ease.

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