How To Keep Your Rubber Stamps Clean

How To Keep Your Rubber Stamps Clean

Since we have been home-bound, our family has spent quite a bit of time cleaning odds and ends of house corners that have been neglected for many years. Going through our linen drawers was so satisfying and so as tidying my analogue table. If you have a little bit of time right now, you might also want to go through your rubber stamp collection to give a deep cleaning? Or better yet, figure out how to upkeep the rubber stamps clean on a regular basis. I asked Eunice to go through the step-by-step process for you so you can give a breath of fresh spring air to your rubber stamp collection.


p.s. we LOVE Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy she mentions in the video at our BK studio and has it available on our analogue table when our in-store customers enjoy their stamping experience;)

The BK team behind the video: Eunice for creating the voice-over tutorial with stamps and editing the footage beautifully.


Artnic Stamp Pad // BK 2020 SS Collection 

Metamorphosis Stamp 

"Less is More" Stamp 

Yuruliku Fo-to Pen Pouch 

TN / 030 / Brass Clip / logo 

Preppy Fountain Pen / 03 

Stalogy 4 Functions Pen 

Mildliner Pen

Cocoiro Letter Pen

[ BK Notebook ] Jiyu Planner 

Traveler’s Notebook - Camel 

Other Artifacts Mentioned:

- Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy

- Tsukineko StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner


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