Journal with Me: Memory Keeping with Emil

Journal with Me: Memory Keeping with Emil

There are so many memories present in the letters, cards, notes, and even flyers or business cards I save. They all spark feelings that are important to me. I started adding them to my journal as a way of preserving these papers. I write in detail and reflections and decorate the page surrounding. The finished journal becomes an archive dedicated to small moments of joy that I can relive and remember. Journaling in this way makes me slow down and feel gratitude to the people and experiences of my life. It helps me feel grounded and inspires me to keep going, especially when life is hard. I invite you to sit and share this time with me and perhaps record some memories of your own. Wishing you many moments of gratitude, love, and happiness.


How To Use Journal With Me:

Many of us really cherish our alone time to journal, but have you ever tried journaling with a friend in solitude? It can be pretty special. We can experience and appreciate dwelling in our own thoughts while having a friend’s presence by our side to share in these analogue moments in a peaceful way. Whenever you need a companion to journal with, we hope our virtual presence to be by your side can give you much-needed comfort and happiness. All you need to do is turn on the video and journal along … we are here with you.

The BK team behind the video:

Emil for documenting the original footage of his journaling time and process and Eunice for editing the footage.


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