JIYU Monthly: Checkpoint and Stickup // A.C.

JIYU Monthly: Checkpoint and Stickup // A.C.

It’s halfway through the year, so I think it’s time for a good old-fashioned planner setup and pages post. Here’s my current setup: a JIYU Weekly in the front, covered with a cut-up constellation chart. Next is the JIYU Monthly (decorated with a finger painting I did on my phone of my dog), which is wrapped by an orange canvas wallet insert. In the back is the BK Grid insert, which I use for catch-all work notes and running checklists. It’s nothing fancy, just my tried and true TN setup. I managed to stick it out with an A5 format last year, but it’s been good to be back.

And here are the monthly pages for 2023 so far:

What I’d really like to do is go back to filling up each calendar box with a little drawing for each day. But before I do that, I decided, this is going to be the year I clear out my stash of stickers. The ones I intend to use, of course–those too old to stick or which no longer suit me can easily be thrown away. But some of what remains has been languishing in the plastic sheets of my sticker storage book since 2016 or earlier—it’s time for them to go!! And yet, I refuse to place stickers for no reason other than to use it up. It’s got to either match or extend the color scheme, or signify a mood or occasion for the day it’s next to, or…yeah, this miserly behavior is definitely why I still have so many. It wasn’t always this way: my old journals literally burst from their spines, being stuffed with layers of paper, washi, stickers. I suppose I’ve redirected that messy, maximalist energy to stream-of-consciousness journals and artmaking, while planners have become quieter places of record.

Still, I’m trying to be more free with how I mark the days as they go by. Emil said to me once, “Life is short; use the good stickers”. Wise words, and let’s not forget the unspoken part: Then you can get more.

Text and photos by: A.C. Esguerra

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