Jibun Techo x Traveler's Notebook by Emil

Jibun Techo x Traveler's Notebook by Emil

A vertical hourly planner is essential for me to record my day-to-day life and efforts. In 2019 I decided to try out the more structured Jibun Techo Biz B6 Slim, but I also wanted very badly to keep using my olive TN cover. So I tried to figure out if there was a way that I could use them together.

The B6 Slim Jibun is small enough to fit in the TN. But when I inserted the notebook it was too heavy for the elastic, and because it's short it would shift around when I carried it. But I was stubborn and after experimenting a bit I found a way to fit my Jibun into my TN that satisfied me!

 Here is what I did:

1. Cut about half an inch off the back paper cover of my Jibun. The length may be different depending on any stitching or rivets. I suggest trimming a bit at a time to see what length works best for your cover.

2. Insert the cut back cover of the Jibun behind the BK TrulyYours wallet pocket sewn on the inside back cover. You can also try doing this with the zipper pocket or large pocket in the same position.

3. Clip a short pen onto the wallet pocket in the space above the planner. You can also add a TN insert onto the elastic if you’d like.

I enjoyed having a pen in my TN on the go and the Jibun was exactly what I needed for my 2019 year. I did have to cut my Jibun, but because it was always tucked in I hardly ever saw the cut back cover. I also knew that if I decided not to use my TN I would want to use a cover, so I still wouldn't see the back trimming either way! I happily used this setup all through the 2019 year. The ability to use the Jibun while continuing to enjoy my TN cover brought me a lot of satisfaction!

- Story and photos by: Emil
- Where to find Emil: IG @everdayemil

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