Hello to the new MD Journal // Codex by Eunice

Hello to the new MD Journal // Codex by Eunice

Along with my Traveler’s Notebook, I usually have at least one MD notebook in use at the same time. It is in rotation for a variety of uses such as a language practice book, work project brainstorming, brain dumping, quiet time thoughts, the list goes on and on. I have previously also used it strictly as a journal for a few years which I really enjoyed. I love the simplicity of the minimalistic design, however the real shining star of the notebook is the paper. It is so smooth and creamy and can hold up to a wide range of mediums. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered they had brought out a new line called the MD Journal Codex. 

Upon seeing it in the packaging, it just looks like a very chunky MD notebook. However, when you take it out of the wrapping, you will immediately notice the beautiful exposed thread binding on the spine. This is not just merely for aesthetic purposes, but it allows the notebook to open completely flat for the ease of a pleasant writing or creating experience. The next thing you may notice are the neat looking perforated corners. It tears off in the most satisfying way to mark the end of your entry or page. I feel that it gives a tiny sense of accomplishment; like a pat on the back for your writing or creative endeavor for the day. It also serves additionally as a built in bookmark that helps you get to your current page quickly. 

They come in dot and blank and there are enough pages to use for the whole year if you use a page/day. If you are not using it as a date-based system, there are ample pages to write out your thoughts for a long time! The 5mm dot grid has a lovely light teal vignette with a little space on top with two bold dots for you to write the date, but it is faint enough that you can choose not to use it if you wish. The blank is designed with a thoughtful section on the bottom to notate the page or also leave as is. I love how MD notebooks always come with stickers included to use on the cover, the MD Journal Codex being no exception! However this time they also included a numbered index in the set for the ease of archiving past or future entries.

The paper is the same amazing quality you can expect from MD Notebooks. It works well with all the standard writing mediums such as gel pen, fountain pen, brush pen, and ballpoint pen. You can watercolor on the pages too but expect a little bit of wrinkling when it’s dry. I really love how MD products are so simple yet significant. They are beautiful companions for thoughts in your present day, and a special joy to look back and reflect on in the future. What will you use it for? 

- Text and photos by: Eunice

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  • Heather York: November 26, 2020
    Author image

    What is the leather cover Eunice shows in the video!


  • Susan: November 06, 2020
    Author image

    This looks promising to me as I’m a Midori MD fan. I do need to know the make of the leather folio in the video. I’ve had no luck finding a leather folio thick enough to hold a notebook like this or my Midori one page one day diary. :-)

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