Growing, Shifting, and Shining Together // Eunice

Growing, Shifting, and Shining Together // Eunice

During the height of the pandemic the BK team reflected on how to spread some positivity and light through the artifacts we love. Through the conversations we had with friends and the BK community, it seemed although not always spoken about, we were going through similar thoughts. What I realized through sharing was that many people were experiencing the same emotions not only during the pandemic, but just simply on our life’s path. After this realization, I wanted the next series of tapes that I designed to share a special message of hope, light, and growth. All introspections I think about frequently. 


[ Among The Lights ]

A message of hope and light… 

How was I going to communicate that visually? If not for Frido’s amazing teaching, guidance, and encouragement, I may have never reached an endpoint for the design. I actually laughed at myself a little while editing one of his recent videos “Opening a New Door” because I felt like the message was a replay of what I had gone through with this project! When I initially started the process of designing the tape in the visual phase, I was feeling completely stuck. I had an idea that I wanted to use different colored washi paper and collage lanterns floating up into the sky. In my heart I knew the collaging idea wasn’t working for me but I just kept trying to push it. Once I had completed the piece I was relieved in a way but I wasn’t happy with the end result. It just didn’t “feel” right at all. So instead of trying to do the collage over again (a method that clearly wasn’t working for me), I completely pivoted and tried a different medium using watercolors. Using the unpredictable nature of the watercolors and the free feeling of the colors blending together onto the paper gave me a sense of floating and lightness so I knew I was going in the right direction. I also incorporated pencil to portray shadows. These shadows are meant to represent the hardships and struggles in life which may be unavoidable but they are always next to a source of light. A reminder that the presence of any darkness will never diminish the light within and around us. 

[ Keep Growing ] 

When I initially envisioned the Keep Growing tape, I had brainstormed on concepts that measure elements such as a ruler. I also thought of literal growth - specifically plants, flowers, and nature. However, instead of composing actual illustrations of those ideas, I thought it would be interesting to merge the two ideas in an abstract way. I really loved the idea of life growing in nature so I used organic colors like brown and green. The different shapes represent us growing, shifting, and changing, filling us up as we take in experiences on life’s path. I used gray paint/pencil shadows to represent unpredictable and oftentimes unexpected bumps that come up in life. Although they may be unwelcome at the time, they too become vital experiences that help us grow. Nothing is futile. 

Every time I see the end result of the artwork I have done I always find something I could have done differently and can be critical. However, what I am learning through the process of creating is, it’s not always about the end result. It’s more about how I got there. It’s about growing through the process, learning how to overcome the obstacles, and to keep creating.

I hope that when you use these tapes, they will serve as a reminder that we are in this together. Growing, shifting, and shining. 

- Eunice 

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