Going With the Flow // Eunice

Going With the Flow // Eunice

Hello BK Friends,

How have you been? I thought I would check in with you and share my current analogue systems. Do you stick to a strict planner/journaling routine or take things week by week? I would say I used to feel like I would have to stick a routine or repetitive layout and if I wasn’t able to follow through with it I would get frustrated at myself. Or, I would buy a notebook thinking I am going to use it for a specific purpose then feel guilty for not being able to follow through. However, as many things shifted this past year I thought to myself : WHY? I use these tools and systems to bring joy to my life and make life simpler so why am I making it so complicated? I decided to stop restricting myself to these “rules” I had made for myself and have thoroughly been enjoying just going with the flow. Here is a peek into my current systems! I hope you also embrace going with the flow as you experience joy and calm during all your analogue moments.

- Eunice 

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