We have been thinking and talking a lot about simplifying, decluttering and letting things go here. Few of my friends are celebrating their birthdays this month and I am really thinking of the "letter" as gifts alternative to "things".

Eunice shared this fun and cute idea of using the TN mini as a special occasion card to give as a gift. I love that you can use the "mini" TN packaging which comes in 10th Anniversary Tin container as a gift wrap along with the tiny TN notebook. And the person who receives the gift can add the TN Mini to their bag as a charm so they can carry the message to everywhere they go.

It's such a memorable way to mark the occasion, isn't it?

It feels to me that letting things go and making spaces in life can allow us to be more creative with how we do things in everyday... and we get to touch our family and friends' life in a new way.


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