Functional + Fun Mizushima Stamps!

Functional + Fun Mizushima Stamps!

We have loved Mizushima's artifacts for quite some time now. They have a magical way of combining simple design that exudes fun, joy, and functionality. We were so excited when we received these new stamps which put a smile on our faces right when we opened them!

The date stamp with frame is a collaboration between Mizushima and SANBY, a Japanese rubber stamp company with a rich history dating all the way back to 1921. Combine the expertise and precision of SANBY with the charming designs from Mizushima and you get the most delightful combination of function and fun! 

The roller stamp uses a clever and ergonomic wooden handle and wheel system which makes stamping the lovely impression so satisfying, easy, and enjoyable. It is perfect for adding a vignette to your journal/planner pages or to put a special touch on any creative project! 

Keep it simple with a single color ink or have fun experimenting with different ink pad colors to bring these stamps to life! 

Text and Video by: Eunice

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