Eunice's 2017 Analogue System

Eunice's 2017 Analogue System

I am always so excited to hear what Eunice is up to with her analogue system! (who wouldn't, right??) So I am really thrilled to share some snapshots of her analogue plans for 2017 here! I especially admire the evolution of her setup since we first interviewed her back in 2015 March as I am a huge believer that our analogue system organically grow and evolve as "we" grow. 
Thank you Eunice for photographing your system so beautifully and sharing bits and pieces of each component that are carefully thought out. You are always such an inspiration for all of us and I can say that I am your biggest fangirl:) I seriously sometimes have to pinch my cheek to remind myself that I get to work with you on this BK journey! Wishing you the very best to your 2017 analogue adventure. 
"I have really enjoyed the simple system that I started to utilize since May of 2016 consisting of carrying a highly functional and portable Passport Traveler's Notebook for a planner and MD Diary for journaling." - Eunice of the Daily Roe

Traveler's Notebook Passport 

2017 Monthly 

For all the month at a glance appointments for the current month and future months. It will also be used to record special little moments and reminders, or just artifacts that make me smile on days where I do not have appointments.

Note: Baum-kuchen is sold out of the dated 2017 calendar in passport size but you can find the open-dated version of the same design here.  -wakako

Traveler's Notebook Metro Line Special edition Blank Notebook

This notebook will be used to quickly jot down my to do list and other important reminders that need to get done daily. Occasionally I will paste or stamp little artifacts that make me feel warm and fuzzy because it makes it more interesting to flip through later. 

Kraft folder 

This accessory will hold my receipts along with on the go artifacts. My Traveler's Notebook Plastic sheet is always tucked into it which I use as a hard surface to write behind each page and is also used as a ruler from time to time!

Traveler's Factory x Fourruof  zipper case

Sometimes when I really want to travel light, I stick my ID and debit card into the pocket or zippered compartment and use it as a wallet. 

This notebook will be used to journal (pouring out my heart) in addition to recording special memories in an aesthetically creative way. Some pages will be super private while other pages will be shared to inspire like-minded analogue enthusiasts. I love the minimal layout of the weekly MD notebooks which is really flexible for how I am dreaming my 2017 journal to look like and the purpose I want it to serve. 

Right now, they are blank, although lovingly opened and closed daily as I dream about how my 2017 analogue journey will unfold!
Note: Baum-kuchen carries A5 size and A6 size MD 2017 monthly/weekly calendar notebook with the same design. We will definitely bring B6 slim size in 2018:) -wakako


  • Ivette : February 14, 2021
    Author image

    Love your organization and the system you have going! I have been looking everywhere for the brass page bookmarks, where did you find yours? They are exactly what I’m looking for.

  • Uwimana : December 12, 2016
    Author image

    What I love about your system Eunice is that you keep in mind the awesome value of “looking back” while still keeping the present fun and functional! Your analogue system is beautiful while so practical!

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