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Classiky Desk Toolbox, a beautiful home for the artifacts we love! // Eunice

Classiky Desk Toolbox, a beautiful home for the artifacts we love! // Eunice
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The Classiky Desk Tool Box has been with me for about 5 years now. I have changed my desk setup around endlessly and minimized my collection; however, this desk tool box continues to always be with me. I remember the very first time I saw it, I was drawn to the beautifully minimal and warm silhouette with the dovetail details on the corners and imagined all the analogue treasures that would go inside.

Like many of the other artifacts I enjoy, the toolbox contents have changed with me over time mimicking the current season of my life. It’s fun to swap out what I am currently reaching for often and is such a joy each time I open the box to use them. I love how it keeps the clutter on my desk to a minimum and protects the contents inside from dust in an elegant way. We hope you enjoy taking a look at what can fit inside this charming desk tool box and that it may inspire you to fill yours up with the artifacts that motivate you to write, create, and bring a little bit of happiness to your daily life!


Artifacts mentioned in this video: 

Classiky Desk Tool Box 

“Trust the Process” Stamp 

“Less is More” Stamp 

Love for Analogue Stamp 

BK Clover mini Stamp 

Soramame Ink Pads 

Traveler’s Notebook - Camel 

TRC x BK Grid Notebook 

Baum-kuchen Original Tapes 

TRC Brass Pen 


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