Classiky Chestnut Sewing Box

Classiky Chestnut Sewing Box

The Classiky desk toolbox has been one of our favorite analogue artifacts for a very long time so we were thrilled when Classiky came out with another variation; the Chestnut Sewing Box! Although the design was inspired by an actual sewing box and while it certainly can be used for that, we have found that it is perfect to store our most beloved analogue treasures in an elegant way. The clever removable and customizable top layer provides a convenient way to add smaller artifacts such as washi tapes, stamps, and pens! The bottom layer has a generous depth to store taller items such as your paper twines, wax seals, along with taller stamp sets. You can also keep it open on your desktop to store your journals when they are not in use! We hope you enjoy using it and changing up the contents through all your analogue seasons!

Video: Clips shot and edited by Eunice 

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  • Karen: April 05, 2022
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    Hello! When will this box be available for purchase?

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