100 Moons // Emil

100 Moons // Emil

As part of my evening routine, I take a late night walk with my dog. It’s a familiar street but in the quiet dark there is room to find subtle differences in each night. The density and clarity of the evening air expands or contracts the rings of light around the moon and street lamps. On hazy nights the air feels as if it’s blurring the light’s edges. Even the phases of the moon will appear different in each cycle. The “Blue Moons” tape is inspired by the phases of the moon as a reminder of constant and familiar change.

I wanted the design to have this feeling of change and passing light. I painted brief and imperfect circles (or moons) of various speeds and precision. Moving quickly without trying to “fix” each one. Using the leftover ink on my brush I painted some extra elements on a separate paper, dragging the brush less like a paint stroke and more like an old broom on cobblestone. The technique, called dry brush, is one of my favorite ways of building color with lots of texture. It can be a bit unpredictable and hard to control, which I felt suited the mood of the project. The idea was to create many unique shapes in quick succession. After stepping away for a bit I revisited with Frido and picked out the shapes that had charm and interest for the design.

Scanning the chosen shapes and textures I cleaned and digitally separated them from the white of the paper. The ink I used was Studio Organics Nitrogen, which has a very high amount of sheen. When scanned, the reflection from the sheen added interesting color variations in the scan. Piecing them together, I tried to highlight the texture that the ink created in the moment.

I’ve learned over time that art is dependent on the moment it is created. If I held off and had painted the shapes a day later, they would be different shapes. This dependence on the moment is frustrating when you are trying to mold the work to an ideal you hold in your mind. Specific intentions aren’t helpful when it becomes a blinder to possible growth. I’m trying to become more comfortable with letting the pieces fall where they may, and believing in the beauty of chance.

Text and photos by: Emil 
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