Autumn Travel Sketching in a Passport TN // A.C.

Autumn Travel Sketching in a Passport TN // A.C.

While I usually use my Passport TN as a book for collecting quotes and phrases, there was a time when I used it mainly as a sketchbook. At first I thought the small size of the TN would make it too restrictive of a canvas, but I found it was actually the perfect amount of space for capturing fleeting sights and ideas while on-the-go. Back in 2018, an insert with yellow paper became my designated travel sketchbook for the fall months. Here’s a little tour.

The first drawings in this insert are of leaves I found while hiking with a friend in Boston. Living in California, I take every opportunity I can get to go see true red-and-yellow foliage. In the absence of a flower press or a heavy book to take ephemeral little mementos like this home, sketching is the next best thing.

Another kind of drawing that occurred a lot for me in the Passport format: pet drawings. For some reason the small space helped me focus on making descriptive, quick sketches, which is the way to go for observing animals who don’t stay still for long.

Mostly, though, the Passport TN was a nice catch-all for little sketches without a purpose. There’s coffee shop counter gear, drawn while waiting for a drink to come out, random plants and flowers, and other mysterious doodles that I’ve long since forgotten the context of.

Whether it’s the nostalgia for autumn, the increased amount of traveling I’m doing lately, anticipating seeing more animals, or just wanting to find an excuse to bring this TN along with on outings more—I look forward to returning to this bite-size format for sketching soon.

Text and photos by: A.C. Esguerra

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