Vinh's Traveler's Notebook [24/7 back pocket notebook]

Vinh's Traveler's Notebook [24/7 back pocket notebook]

Tell us what you do for life (both work and fun!) 

I had never intended for my studies in design to become such an impactful and large portion of my life, until the day came when everything in my life revolved around it.
I guess if you love what you do, it’ll never be “work”. By day I work for a design consultancy in the Bay Area, after that I have series of projects with a few clients and “pet” projects with friends in hopes that they becomes realities.

How does your Traveler's Notebook fit your life?  

The Traveler's Notebook fits my life in so many different aspects.
Always on the go between different projects, clients, and random experiences I never know when pen and paper become a quintessential part of the everyday. Before having a passport sized Traveler's Notebook, I was one to never have a sketch/note book on hand because they were too cumbersome and infringed with my enjoyment not having to carry a bag around.

How do you customize your Traveler's Notebook so that it works for you?   


I currently use the brown Passport Size Traveler's Notebook with refills of Muji passport notebooks. The Muji passport notebooks have a smoother paper surface. When I take the Muji notebooks around without the Traveler's Notebook leather cover, the notebook can be bit flimsy.
As a guy I can not be burdened by carrying anything but the utmost minimum. The Passport Size Traveler's Notebook is perfect for a back pocket accessory that feels nothing more than a wallet.

Can you share something that recently inspired you? 

Living in the SF area and working in the city brings new inspirations on a daily bases. I am obsessed and inspired by the visual notion of how people's lives have been overrun by smart devices. Watching the lack of human connections that happen on the journeys of people in their everyday lives.
That isn’t the most inspirational turn of events, but is interesting to watch and learn the unfolding of the old social society into a new digital one.

To customize your Traveler's Notebook like Vinh:

  • Brown Passport Size Traveler's Notebook



  • Richard : October 30, 2015
    Author image

    Hi Vinh, just saw, but loved your article about the passport notebooks. Muji discontinued them. Where do you get them from now? I love them and use them pretty much like you do.
    If you got a hint, that would be great.
    Good writing!

  • Yirkl: March 24, 2015
    Author image

    Your comment “…the lack of human connections…”, such a sad thing to see. I myself do own an ipod, ipad AND an iPhone (the first two mainly for music and the last of course for communication) but I am not one of those who stay “bowed down to their master”, the almighty smart device. I have been using the travelers notebook for several years now to write, document, take notes, etc. I find myself noticing people when I am in public who are soooo into these gagets that they miss the simple everyday contact with other humans, nature and their surroundings. Its sad to me to see a group of 4 or 5 people sitting at a table with NO communication whatsoever among themselves. Everyone is on their phones, pads, pods……whatever it might be. As I sit and watch these people, it makes me even more conscious to NOT be on my phone in public to even send as much as a text message for fear someone else may look at me and include me in this “new wave” that has seemed to be taking over. I’m thankful there are still people out there who prefer to lay ink on paper and take the time to notice the world around them. You may be able to find anything you are looking for on Google but the things that REALLY matter, you simply have to look around you to see.

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