Jane's Traveler's Notebook [A catch it all for my life]

Jane's Traveler's Notebook [A catch it all for my life]

Tell us what you do for life (both work and fun!)  

My 3 year old twins are my life. I spend as much of my time with them during these first few fleeting years.
For fun, I design for our typographic twin clothing line, Snug Attack. I also love finding hidden gems around the city that inspire and stimulate my creativity.

How does your Traveler's Notebook fit your life?  

My favorite aspect of the Travelers Notebook is that my whole life is documented in one beautiful package. I sketch ideas, keep reminders and schedule activities. I also love how I can collect small artifacts that are meaningful to me.  


How do you customize your Traveler's Notebook so that it works for you? 


Aside from the weekly, monthly planners and a sketch book, I also use the Travelers Notebook as my secondary wallet. It holds all of my gift cards and business card contacts (using Card Holder and Kraft File). To personalize it, I beaded my bookmark string with brass beads and doubled up on the elastic band that I found at a local fabric store. I keep my special keepsakes in a brown Kraft Envelope with String (Small) on the inside pocket which are easily accessible and protected.

 What are you currently obsessed about? 

I am currently obsessed about my white Delfonics wooden ballpoint pen. Its a great companion to my Travelers Notebook. I've never written with anything more gentle and smooth before.

Can you share something that recently inspired you? 

I was recently inspired by a collection of earrings that I found by a Los Angeles based designer, Kathleen Whitaker. I was drawn to her minimalistic and elegant style that was made in a non traditional type of way. I always aspire to create things that are simple and powerful. Now her earrings are a constant reminder of that to me.

Any tips for fellow Traveler's Notebook users?  

Don't be afraid to use the Travelers Notebook as frequently as you want – it builds character with every use. As a stationery collector, I use everything sparingly but I learned that I enjoy the Travelers Notebook more every time I use it.

To customize your Traveler's Notebook like Jane:


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