Magdalena's Traveler's Notebook [The best friend]

Magdalena's Traveler's Notebook [The best friend]

Tell us what you do for life (both work and fun!)

I’m a Futurist at Toyota. I explore global and regional trends to anticipate and understand the forces that will shape consumer values, attitudes and behaviors in the decade to come and translate them into future concepts.
I devote my free time to material exploration and experimentation with wearable technology. I’m a co-curator of SEEDS, space for the cultural and creative exchange of ideas and knowledge about relevant emerging topics influencing the future of design.

How does your Traveler's Notebook fit your life? 

Traveler's Notebook is my best friend, always with me.  It lets me record all of my thoughts, ideas, and observations.  I shop for bags with Traveler's Notebook in mind.  I have two Traveler's Notebooks; one is used for my work at Toyota and one is for all my personal projects.




How do you customize your Traveler's Notebook so that it works for you?

I use the Brass Number Clips to connect multiple refills; I usually have at least 2 or 3 refills per Traveler's Notebook. Since I go through them fast, I like to have my recent thoughts with me for reference, I also like to have a combination of Blank Refill and Kraft Note Refill for sketching.


My personal (camel) Traveler's Notebook is kept pretty minimal; the only customized part is a leather tag with my initials over the rubber band. My work (brown) Traveler's Notebook has a Zipper Case, where I usually keep loose notes, business cards, and posted notes.  It also has a Pen Holder (M), to prevent me from loosing my pen through many meetings during the week.

What are you currently obsessed about? 

The quantified self-movement and the past, present and future artisans

Can you share something that recently inspired you? 

Single mother gracefully balancing her carrier and motherhood. 

To customize your Traveler's Notebook like Magdalena:


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