LOVE for Analogue / Take a moment to send a love letter

LOVE for Analogue / Take a moment to send a love letter

As we slowly approach the end of the year..., it's so easy to get lost in holiday shopping, dinner parties, deep cleaning of the house (we do this... in a Japanese way), and more things that need to be crossed off from our list. (oh and kids are off from school too!)

So we would LOVE to take a moment to share an idea of maybe doing totally the opposite. What if we take one quiet afternoon and instead of trying to juggle what is on our plates, slow down to write and send something special to a friend? Adding and sharing words and artifacts that inspire you at this moment.

At Baum-kuchen studio Eunice crafted a set of love letters, a mini goodie bag, and a gift tag to get your creative juice going!

We love Classiky Letterpress Picture Diary because the creative format of the notepad makes it easy to put together a fun and unexpected composition. (also available with line) The newsprint quality of this paper sets a collaging atmosphere and we can pretty much put anything in these little boxes to personalize the letter. How about a little picture printed from Mini Pocket Printer, pressed flowers, few pieces from your postage collection, your favorite stickers, pieces of masking tapes, your personal mantra or quote, illustration... The possibility is endless.

If you like sharing little analogue goodies with your friend along with your letter (imagine... your favorite clips, an assortment of masking tape samples, a memo card...), you can create a very personalized envelope with Classiky Glassine Envelope & Label. Labels in this set are vintage inspired so it automatically sets the beautiful vignette and we love how the envelope is slightly translucent to reveal a little bit of what's inside. Glassine envelope is slick in texture so regular stamp ink will not stay on. So make sure to use a stamp pad with a permanent ink if you love adoring your envelope with your favorite stamps! We created a layering effect by overlapping masking tape and translucent washi papers with a memo written via typewriter. If you don't have an actual typewriter available to use, no worries. You can easily find a typewriter-inspired font on your computer and type and print your message!

We folded the top of the envelope to close and added Classiky hole seal on the punched hole to add an extra personality. Tie it with Paper Twine and it's ready to go!

We have the letter sample created by Eunice in our studio so if you are local and are looking for extra inspiration to get your creative juice going, stop by! (our opening hours are listed on this page:) You are definitely very welcome to put together your personal letter while you are in the studio using what is available on our analogue work table:)

List of artifacts used in this project:
From Classiky collection

Paperphine twine in Jeans Blue
Tsukineko StazOn stamp pad

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  • Madalena: November 24, 2015
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    So inspiring! I can’t wait to come back to the studio to try my hand at this and check out all the Classiky items now that they’re stocked! Lovely job, you two!

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