Functional Everyday Traveler's Notebook / Kaori

Functional Everyday Traveler's Notebook / Kaori

I think there is something really magical about Traveler's Notebook. It almost feels like it carries its own soul once it is used and loved.  

I was excited to hear from our BK friend Kaori-san who resides in New York. To witness her visual narrative of how her Traveler's Notebook adventure is evolving! There are a lot of inspiring elements in her everyday TN and I think you will love taking a peek into her analogue world too:) 

THANK YOU Kaori-san! 


My 16 month old brown Traveler's Notebook, getting pretty and shiny by the day. 

I always wanted to stamp the inside of the cover. Got to do that finally when I visited the Travelers Factory in Tokyo this summer. 
You must recognize the quote on the cover of my first refill. I just discovered this refill when I visited the travelers factory and it is called “short trip notebook”. It has only 32 pages (half of typical refills) and it is perfect for what I use it for.

I own both [Essential] zipper case and [Portfolio] leather folder by 1.61 Soft Goods, but my favorite these days is the folder. I use the left side pocket to store passportsize notebook and a mini pen. I use the passport size notebook as a jotter for things not so important and as a temporary place for ideas and to-do list. 

I use the first 32 page insert as a place to keep all the lists and info that I want to remember and have with me just in case. The first page is the index and you can see all the lists I keep in the refill. I usually assign one whole page for each list. This refill is for 2015, and I hope to start a new refill for 2016, updating info that needs updating and just copying over info that hasn’t changed. You see “5 year plan” is on my first page, and I got the inspiration from Baum-kuchen! 

I use the right hand pocket of the leather folder to keep stamps, postcards and etc. The bottom pocket is perfect for storing this metal piece that I found at LOFT in Japan. Have you used it? It is perfect for keeping the notebook open at the page you want it.
The second refill is the weekly+memo (TN19). After trying the monthly one, weekly vertical one and the two together and etc... I have recently come to use just the weekly+memo. While I could and would write everything and anything if space allowed, in the interests of keeping the TN from getting too heavy and bulky, I decided to do just 3 things with my TN: scheduling, bullet list, and journaling (more like a record of what I did each day) and for me it is best if I could keep all these 3 things in the same place. I realized this weekly+memo can handle all 3 things although it does limit on how much space I can use for each thing.
I use these pages to write the most notable thing about each day. It is fun to look back at a much later time and be able to glance at once how my life evolved on the scale of month to half a year.

I LOVE Baum-kuchen original stickers, but especially, “the journey is the destination” sticker!!!! I hope you will design more inspirational stickers in the future!! 


  • Cassandra Dara-Abrams: December 03, 2016
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    Can you tell me more about the metal piece this woman found that helps to keep the pages open? Thank you!

  • benoit: September 13, 2015
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    is there any other place where we can find the short trip notebook? Looks interresting

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