Eunice's Traveler's Notebook [Original Compilation of Memoirs]

Eunice's Traveler's Notebook [Original Compilation of Memoirs]

I had the greatest pleasure to ask our friend Eunice Roe (@thedailyroe on Instagram) about how she uses her Traveler's Notebook and her thoughts on journaling and documenting life. I must warn you... that her images and texts on this post will bring so much inspiration to your analogue world. (It certainly did to me:) 

I am so honored to announce that Eunice will be hosting Inspiration Lab at Baum-kuchen on April 5th (Sunday) between 1pm-4pm. It will be all about "how to capture your life stories through visual journaling". Eunice and I share so much passion and love for analogue process and experience and it has been an amazing experience to work with her in crafting this very special workshop. And little analogue box Eunice is preparing for each participant and specially curated analogue play table for workshop participants... It will be like a candy store for analogue enthusiasts. You can RSVP your spot for the workshop here

Okay. Are you ready for immersing yourselves into her Traveler's Notebook world?? Here it goes!

p.s. In case you are interested... Eunice uses following items on her Traveler's Notebook.

1. TN 2015 Monthly (open-dated version here)

2. TN 2015 Weekly + Grid (open-dated version here)

3. Kraft File

4. Monthly divider from TN 2015 Customize Sticker Set 

5. Traveler's Notebook Regular Size / Brown

6. Brass Index Clip

7. Brass Number Clip 

8. TN 2015 Plastic Sheet (sold out)

6. k(not) charm 


1.  First off... can you describe your journaling/documentation style? It's so visually inspiring. Also how has your journaling/documenting process evolved over time? 

I would describe my journaling style as an “Original Compilation of Memoirs” I love that I am able to record my life moments and no two pages are alike. Each scrap and word purposely etched onto the pages; a creative bibliography of my being.
My journaling/documentation process has consistently remained the same throughout the years as I am truly a creature of habit. However, I have recently enjoyed using different mediums such as watercolors to incorporate quotes and script onto my pages. The different splashes of delicate color really breathe life and add texture. I also took a calligraphy workshop 2 years ago which has played a key role in developing a different facet to my hand lettering. Looking back at some of my old journals I can clearly see that it has evolved from cutesy to a slightly more mature style. It’s wonderful that I am visually able to see my life transitions as the years pass by.

2. Your Traveler's Notebook pages posted on your Instagram feed (@thedailyroe) are beautiful. How do you usually compose and execute the page on your notebook? What are your process, routine and rituals to keep up with your daily, weekly and monthly documentation? Any secret in pulling all the materials together on the pages? 
I always start the week or month with a fresh blank page with no particular color or theme in mind. I write down all of the important tasks I need to complete that week and the rest of any open space is dedicated for ideas, inspiration, or events I would like to remember years from now. My weekly color theme is always inspired by one special item such as a lovely postage stamp from a pen pal, beautiful paper scraps from places I have visited, a washi tape that pulls at my heart, and from there I build and add similar colored items onto the page. 
My monthly calendar is filled out daily with one or two memorable moments. I like to use all different colored pens, stickers, and washi tape so it aesthetically translates differently than my weekly insert.
There really isn’t any secret but if I have one suggestion it would be; develop a journaling style that is a unique representation of who you are! Most importantly what you convey onto the pages should exude joy when you look at them. There is something really special about looking back at those pages years or decades later only to evoke the same beautiful, blissful emotions. 

3. Could you share how you are currently using your Traveler's Notebook including how you are customizing your accessories and charms to keep you inspired?

I am currently using my Traveler’s Notebook as a creative outlet/documentation for my life journey. I record my day-to-day activities, memorable/funny experiences, inspirations, and it also helps me to effectively execute all my tasks. It also serves as a special companion, which holds artifacts that are precious to me.
Some of my favorite accessories inside my notebook are but not limited to:
  • Kraft Folder – The front, back and inside have been customized with stationery scraps and stickers that inspire me every time I open my notebook. It is highly functional as it holds stickers, bits and bobs, and washi tape that I use to journal when I am on the go.   
  • Brass Label Holders/Number clips – I absolutely adore these label holders and number clips. I use them to mark my pages and inserts for faster access.
  • Charms – Charms are my absolute favorite customization accessory. I have a small collection of charms that I like to switch out here and there depending on my mood. Some of them are Traveler’s factory charms, a k(not) charm by Clau, and others are gifts from the special people in my life and hold sentimental value.

    4. Where are your sources for collecting inspiring analogue tools and materials? 
    • Baum Kuchen: I get most of my Midori Traveler’s Notebooks, inserts, and accessories here.
    • UGUISU: My favorite place to find the most delightful, unique Japanese stationery.
    •  Pipit Zakka Store: I often like to use alphabet and number stamps and they carry a unique selection to choose from.
    • Kinokuniya Book Store: I buy mostly all of my pens here. I enjoy going to the physical store so I can test out products in person. They do not have an online store for stationery; however they have locations in various major cities. (link to LA downtown Little Tokyo Kinokuniya Book Store)
    • Etsy: I love browsing Etsy and discovering hard to find washi tape, rubber stamps, and vintage labels. One of my favorite etsy seller’s is Geluk.
    • Jetpens: They have a nice selection of calligraphy nibs, holders, and inks for the type of calligraphy I enjoy doing.
    • Rakuten Global: When I cannot find what I need from the above sources, I order from Rakuten Japan.
    5.  Any future plan for the @thedailyroe?? 

    One day I would love to connect in more depth with like-minded journal/stationery/analogue enthusiasts via my own blog or by hosting a workshop/gathering. The art of pen to paper whether it is through journaling, snail mail, or calligraphy is something I am truly passionate about. I want to ensure that I am contributing in any way possible so that it does not ever become a lost art. 
    All photos on this post provided by Eunice Roe (@thedailyroe)


    • Brandie: November 03, 2015
      Author image

      I am getting ready to order my first TN! Where do you get the washi tape that on the sheet like that instead of in a roll? Also, will the sticker sheet that has the monthly tabs be available again soon?

    • Chris: August 14, 2015
      Author image

      Her monthly calendar is great – I love the days of the week printed and the months running down the side. The Midori one looks blank. How did she do that or where did she buy it?

    • Allie J.: July 02, 2015
      Author image

      Beautiful notebook! Wondering where you found the pencil board.

    • Ling: May 28, 2015
      Author image

      Absolutely lovely!! But where where WHERE can one find those monthly tabs???

    • Debbie: May 17, 2015
      Author image

      Same question as many above… where did she get the monthly dividers? They’re perfect!

    • Chris Cole: April 07, 2015
      Author image

      Love her work! Talent is natural born, some people are just so natural with it. Even her desk is laid out perfect! Thanks for you inspiration x

    • Stacyk: March 17, 2015
      Author image

      So beautiful….

    • fotogrrl: March 15, 2015
      Author image

      Yes, please let us know where Eunice found the monthly dividers? Thank you.

    • Jacqueline: March 15, 2015
      Author image

      wonderful, very inspiring, i shall be decorating my little books thank you love Jaqueline xxoxx

    • Tina : March 15, 2015
      Author image

      Is you class offered online

    • Jose Noyola: March 15, 2015
      Author image

      I just want to say; I love Eunice on Instagram @thedailyroe

    • Ann: March 15, 2015
      Author image

      Where did Eunice get the monthly dividers please?

    • Keith Lau: March 15, 2015
      Author image

      Any chance we can get some video snippets of the event for those who can’t make it to LA. Eunice’s notebook is so awe inspiring. KL

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