Starting off 2015 right! // Pauline Boldt

Starting off 2015 right! // Pauline Boldt

Pauline runs a creative branding agent (26 Projects) in Canada. She works from a office where she shares with her team of 26 Projects as well as her studio at home and on the road. She shares her intimate work studio in her home (where it looks like a beautiful oasis to to me!) and her analogue system that works her mobile creative lifestyle. She is a professional photographer so her photos are inspiring and not to be missed. Enjoy:)
I feel it's only right to give you a little glimpse into my home office, before I dig into explaining my analogue system for 2015.   As you can see, I love (and need!) to surround myself with both my tools (pens, pencils, cards - just in case I feel inspired to send one to a friend - a scissor, brace clips, a mini stapler, etc) as well as items I find inspiring and pretty..

My plan is to use 3 main systems:
  1. The small, green notebook - for my personal lists and thoughts.  Everything from my daily to-do lists (garbage day, run to the post office, write out a card, etc) to grocery lists, meal plans, Tula's (our 3 month old) needs, etc.  I also love this little book because it has a plastic cover so I can easily apply stickers (we just printed a batch of these red ones at 26 projects, which I love!).
  2. The Roterfaden folder with blank notebook inserts and the 2015 agenda - week at a glance.  I use this for all my work stuff. The everyday as well as the big picture.  I currently keep 3 notebooks going, however once Jan 1, 2015 hits I will be going down to one notebook for lists, brainstorming sessions and planning alongside the agenda.  I am absolutely loving how the Roterfaden is wearing - the more beat up, the more I love it!
  3. The Traveler's Notebook (regular size and the passport size) - I travel a lot for my work, and when I do, I need to pack light with everything having a purpose.  When on the road, I use the passport sized Traveler's Notebook with folders to keep tickets, loose change and receipts in as well as a weekly agenda and a blank notebook so I can jot down meeting notes or just thoughts when I have time.  The regular sized Traveler's Notebook I keep on me at all times when at home.  In here, I tend to keep my meeting notes.  I meet with clients at my studio but also out and about - coffee shops, restaurants, their offices, etc.  This works perfectly to keep track of what we talked about so when I get back to the studio I can relay the necessary points to my team and keep the notes for reference later, if required.

Always important to have empty refills available for whatever system you are using... below are a few blank notebooks for my Roterfaden

These inside pockets for the Traveler's Notebook are perfect for sticking in business cards or even small receipts.  I love these!

In this binder, I store all my used Traveler's Notebook refills.  I enjoy leafing through these and even referencing my old notes for current projects.

texts and photographs by Pauline Boldt 

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  • Anne: February 16, 2015
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    Hello! Where is your small green notebook from, please? I’m looking for a plastic-covered notebook just like this. Thank you!

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