Daniel's Traveler's Notebook [A companion and an organizer for creativity]

Daniel's Traveler's Notebook [A companion and an organizer for creativity]

Daniel is currently using two Traveler's Notebook (Passport and regular size each) and I am so honored to have witnessed his extensive process of customizing his notebooks in our Baum-kuchen store in order to maximize their potential. 
He sampled different TN refills for their compatibility using his favorite pens and tested out different accessories to find the right match and how they felt in his hands. They were to become his go-to-tools for creativity and it was important that it did not inhibit his creativity while providing a sense of organization. 
I take my analogue system pretty seriously so I was very inspired to get to know his way of thinking. I hope his Traveler's Notebook grows with his creative career bringing much inspiration to his art of story telling!
Thank you Daniel!
1. Tell us about what you do! Both in your life and work. 
I’m a writer, producer, storyteller and creative consultant in Hollywood.
Since I was a child I was fascinated by the power that stories had to deeply impact the lives of  people all over the world. Born and raised in Panama, I know first hand the deep reach a great story can have.
That storytellers as varied as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, George Lucas, Stephen King, Arthur Conan Doyle and Steven Spielberg permeated my early life has always been fascinating to me. I always knew I would be involved in telling stories, no matter the medium in front of me.
I’m also crazy lucky to be married to my soulmate and to have a chance to be a father and mentor to my amazing son and incredible daughter. 
2. What is the current configuration of your Traveler's Notebook? What items/accessories do you use with your Traveler's Notebook? Does your Traveler's Notebook have companion tools or items? 
Right now I have two Traveler’s Notebooks – a passport sized one and a regular sized one. 
Midoris at my desk in Los Angeles
1.  The passport sized TN I have with me EVERYWHERE!  It is my “constant companion in creativity.”  Any time I have an idea, a solution for a story problem, a character, or any fun thought at all that may work itself into a fully fleshed story – I capture it immediately!  With a blank insert, a grid insert and a Kraft File, it allows me to be in a “constant state of creative flow” throughout my entire day.
2.  My regular sized Traveler’s Notebook is my “creative organizer.”  In there I have three inserts.  A blank insert for brainstorming, a grid insert which acts as my “hybrid-daily-bullet journal” (thanks Wakako!), and a third (grid) which is my project planner.

Besides the three notebooks in my regular TN, I have:
Love all the stickers that my kids put on my TN!  Brightens me up every time I open it!  :-) 
3. How is your Traveler's Notebook incorporated in your everyday adventure? How is it inspiring what you do?
What I love about my Traveler’s Notebook is that it allows me to be completely creative, while being completely organized.
The free-flowing nature of the TN fits me perfectly.  I’m someone who has to be hyper-organized, but I’ve always found the “set-designs” of other “planning/organizing tools” too restrictive.  Now I am in control!  I can customize my tool kit however I see fit!  And that lets me integrate my business and family life into a complete creative flow.
4. what are you currently obsessed about?
I am re-reading Dick Couch’s fascinating book, “The Warrior Elite: The Forging of SEAL Class 228.”  It's a great account of the unlimited potential of the human spirit, and of how much more we can “actually” do, once we tear down the self-imposed boundaries that define what we “think" we can do.
5. Can you share your favorite quote? 
"Only those who DARE to fail greatly, can ever ACHIEVE GREATLY."
-- Robert F. Kennedy
The Midoris by the beach.  Traveling with me to another country.


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