[TY Embossing] Original Design // Joni Marriott

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Welcome to the TrulyYours customization page! We are thrilled to be a part of your journey to personalize your leather notebook cover. As you start to dream up your design, please kindly get in touch with the Baum-kuchen team via email so we can assist you with the process. You can reach us at: trulyyours@baum-kuchen.net

If your TN cover is coated with wax or any other leather treatments, it might get marks due to the heat from embossing or friction of the sewing machine foot.

Joni Marriott designed a collection of beautiful visuals in collaboration with Baum-kuchen. Her illustrations capture the essence of BK values we hope to witness as a collective. We hope you enjoy the design and meaning of her illustrations embossed on your unique artifacts. 

Here are six designs and the meanings behind them. 

  • Embrace: caring for ourselves with nourishment and tender care.
  • Inspiration: being a source of gentle ripples to inspire the world around us.
  • Harmony: living with the natural world and its mystery.
  • Stillness: practicing to stay fully present in the moment.
  • Growth: taking a step at a time to expand our horizon.
  • Togetherness: honoring a gentle and respectful relationship with each other.

This service includes one embossing of the selected design. 

Designed By: Joni Marriott in collaboration with Baum-Kuchen in California