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A refillable notebook is designed to accompany the Traveler's Notebook leather cover. It can be incorporated inside of the Traveler's Notebook's using the rubber band that comes with the leather cover. The refill notebook is made in Japan with Midori's original paper with the highest writing quality. 

The grid refill notebook is great for someone who is a hybrid of left/right brain thinker. When you write, the grid helps you to stay on track. When you want to draw freely..., the color of grid is subtle enough that it does not destruct the flow of your ideas. Go ahead and fill this notebook with your travel journal, dream, inspiration, ideas and more!

Material:: Paper 64 pages  

Dimension: W 4.5" x H 8.5" (when it's closed)  

Designed by: 
Midori in Japan

Made In: Japan 


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