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LAMY Converter (LZ 28)

LAMY Converter (LZ 28)
LAMY Converter (LZ 28)
LAMY Converter (LZ 28)

Designer: Lamy

$5.00 USD

With LAMY Converter (LZ 28), you can use any bottled ink in your LAMY Safari, Vista and Al-Star fountain pens!

Simply attach your convertor into the section of your LAMY fountain pen and carefully dip your pen so that the feed is all the way inside of the ink bottle. Draw up the ink by twisting the handle of the converter. You can also dip the converter in an ink bottle to draw ink. 

If you are new to using the converter, definitely read up on the fountain pen tips and maintenance advice on Baum-kuchen story! (link here)   

LAMY Converter (LZ 28) is compatible with LAMY Safari, Vista, and Al-Star fountain pens (sold separately)

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