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Kaweco Art Sport Fountain Pen is a perfect everyday writing instrument. It takes ink beautifully, and we love the look and feel of the compact body. The cap fits on the bottom of the pen body when you are writing, which is great because it ensures that the cap always stays with you. :) Utilize the pen clip to attach the fountain pen directly to your favorite notebook or pocket, making it ready whenever you need to jot down ideas or thoughts. 

Each package of Kaweco fountain pen comes with a fountain pen body with a nib of your choice and a blue ink cartridge to get you started! You can read more about fountain pen tips and maintenance advice on Baum-kuchen's story! (link here)   

Additional Details:  

  • Art Sport Fountain Pen is compatible with Kaweco ink cartridges. (sold separately)
  • Nib size options: Extra Fine / Fine


Overall length when closed: 4.1"

Overall length when used with cap attached to the back: 5.2"

Designed By: Kaweco, German