[BKxTSL Brass Plate] Journey is the destination

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The statement "The Journey is the Destination" has been our guiding principle through our Baum-kuchen journey since 2010. We are excited to share our updated design to capture the essence of the message. 

The design of "JOURNEY" comes from a stenciled graphic that was physically punched out by a vintage stenciling machine initially used to label oil barrels. We then fused the " JOURNEY " design with vintage labels' inspiration. 

The brass plate can be used as a charm on the elastic band of the Traveler's Notebook cover

If you are interested in adding Brass Plate to your Traveler's Notebook, please send us an email for inquiry. 

Material: Brass 

You may notice a darkening or spots on the brass. This is not considered a defect but an organic characteristic that will develop a unique patina due to the natural aging process of brass.

Dimension:  L 1.5" x W 0.5" (W 3.2cm x H 1.4cm)

Designed By: Baum-kuchen in Los Angeles, CA

Made By: Made in collaboration with The Superior Labor  in Okayama, Japan

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