[Classiky] Toga First Aid Box (Large)

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This wooden box is designed to host your First Aid kit at home but we love that we can use it to house our favorite analogue tools, materials, and supplies as well. Place it on your desk to hold your favorite Traveler's Notebook, tapes, stamps, scissors, and keepsakes or carry it from one room to another wherever your inspiration takes you. We love this large size to organize Traveler's Notebook in regular size! (although in order to close the lid, you will have to lay TN flat)

The inside compartment comes with a sliding top container so you can store your analogue goodies using all the space you need! A sliding box is a great place for petite items that can easily get lost like your postage stamps, clips as well as your favorite washi tapes. 

The box closes with a snap closure so your artifacts are safe and secure when not used and we love the small handle. We absolutely adore the vignette this wooden box creates in our room and studio. It is a functional and beautiful box to organize your essentials. 

We have 3 sizes for First-Aid Kit. Please also see "Small" and "Medium" box! 

Dimension: W32.6cm× D21cm×H16cm // W12.8"xD8.25"x H6.3"

Designed By: Classiky in Japan

Made In: Japan  

Condition: New