[Classiky] Chestnut Sewing Box

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This beautiful Chestnut box was designed inspired by sewing boxes traditionally used in Northern Europe. Its minimalistic silhouette with dovetail cornered details adds an elegant vignette to your analogue space while keeping your beloved artifacts organized and tucked away and inside. You can pull the knob on top of the box to open it. Inside, you will discover the first tier containing two tray compartments and removable separators, making storing a variety of tools convenient and fun. The bottom tier has a deeper depth to store items that need a bit more space. 

Enjoy witnessing the sewing box patina along with all the special analogue tools that will be inside!

Dimension33 × 18.5 × 18cm (including handle)

Designed By: Classiky in Japan

Made In: Japan  

Condition: New  

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