[19 Candles] Topanga Inspired Incense

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Transcend into the magical depths of the Topanga Canyons with these beautifully crafted handmade incense. The sweet smell of early morning when the sun starts to hit the side of the mountain. The earthy moisture in the air after the spring shower. The sound of the creek and endless songs of birds. Late afternoon, the sound of music carried from the neighbor's record player. The magic in the air when the sun tilts just perfectly in the early summer evening and the smell of firewood in the cold winter morning outside of the mountain cabin. Allow the natural aroma from these encounters to transport you to a space of calm during your soft analogue moments or communal celebrations. 

Incense Fragrance Notes: Fragrance details by 19 Candles

  • Mesa Rain: Mesa Rain evokes the fragrance of the air after a rainstorm, up beyond the shaded canyon, to the rocky mesa. Rock and sand spend six months relentlessly baking in the sun, when an unexpected summer rain releases this essence. 

    Essential Oils: frankincense (top note), atlas cedar, cypress, vetiver.

  • Sacred: floral, sweet, woody. Known as the "high place" by the indigenous Tongva people, Topanga has always been a place of spiritual and creative inspiration. This blend of Palo Santo and floral notes is a fresh offering to ceremonies in the canyon. 

    Essential Oils: palo santo (top note), ylang ylang, neroli, patchouli.

  • Love Fest: wood, leather, sweet. Inspired by the beachside Topanga lifestyle of the 60’s. The spirit of creativity and independence guided a small community of artists, surfers and dreamers that lived just off the beach at the base of the canyon. Now just marshland, the old “Rodeo Grounds” was witness to a lifestyle that didn’t exist anywhere else. This is my tribute to that place.

    Essential Oils: patchouli (top note), amyris, oakmoss, bergamot.

  • Fernwood Pacific: earthy, mossy, woody, fresh. As the cool Pacific breeze flows up the coastal canyon, it combines with the marsh grasses and chapparel brush to create this woody, fresh scent. Fernwood is the winding canyon road I walk up each morning. This scent is inspired by that morning walk.

    Essential Oils: vetiver (top note), basil, lavender, scotch pine.
  • Camp Wildwood: Memories of campfires and good times are conjured at the mention of Camp Wildwood, a long-closed retreat in the woods deep in the canyon, down by the creek. That unmistakable wood fire fragrance is captured in this tree sap-based formula.

    Essential Oils: Birch Tar (top note), cypress, vetiver, benzoin.

  • Full Moon Rose: floral, fresh, herbal. Full Moon ceremonies and gatherings are a monthly occurrence in Topanga. This connection to the moon cycle brings gratitude, the release of negativity and the manifestation of intention for the coming month. This fragrance was intended as a compliment to these communal moments.

    Essential Oils: Damask Rose (top note), ylang ylang, grapefruit, frankincense.


  • Each bundle contains 19 incense sticks.
  • Burn time: 30 - 40 mins / stick.
  • Crafted with natural, clean burning charcoal incense sticks.

Made By: 19 Candles in Topanga

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