[BK Original Tape] No.019 NAP VILLAGE

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The BK team member Ame designed the tape NAP VILLAGE to share her time spent at The Superior Labor workshop space, NAP VILLAGE. 

"In the morning, as you step into the workshop, you are greeted by the gentle creak of the hardwood floors. Then the smell of leather and canvas promptly lulls you into its magic. (You willingly surrender). Every corner of the leather workshop is filled with tools, materials, and machines that each tell their own story. As people start trickling in one by one, you can feel the building waking up and preparing to work. Soon the school bells ring and a new day begins.

"NAP VILLAGE tape" depicts snippets of the lives at work at their workshop. This is where The Superior Labor (and their sibling brands) are made, but it is not merely the manufacture of quality leather and canvas goods. NAP VILLAGE is also a place where a shared love for craftsmanship and a simple lifestyle is commonplace. After spending some time there, I have realized that the artisans who work there are also what makes it so special. I hope that you can feel the spirit of the people at TSL through the drawings of this tape." -Ame

Dimension: 30mm x 10m (1.18in x 39.37in)

Designed By: Baum-kuchen   

Condition: New