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Add a dose of calm to your space with these delightful beeswax candles. Handcrafted in Pacific Grove, California with 100 percent beeswax, these natural candles have a lovely organic "barely there" scent of honey and wildflowers. These candles burn clean due to their formulation and help purify the air by eliminating negative ions. The delicate hues will instantly bring an energy of peace to any atmosphere, whether that be during your quiet analogue moments or communal time with your loved ones!

We love that by using beeswax, we are able to support local beekeepers that help the bees reproduce and thrive!

Each pack comes with two candles attached together at the wick. Please trim before use.

Please be advised that the candle color can vary slightly due to the handmade nature of this artifact.


    Material: 100 percent beeswax, mica mineral pigment, and cotton wick.
    Burn Time: 1 hour per 1 inch 
    Dimensions: 10" (each candle)
    Maintenance and care: It is recommended to trim the wick between burns.
    Burn Instructions: To secure the candle in a holder, grasp the candle base to a flame and allow a couple of drops of beeswax to fall into the holder, then press the candle firmly upright until the wax dries. 

    Made By: Mo&Co Home

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