[BKxTSL Brass Charm] Fragile

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We believe having "Fragile // Handle with Love" will be a constant reminder that your voice matters whether they stay within your notebook or gets projected outwards to the world after being processed on the paper. 

Each brass charm is pressed with the "Fragile // Handle with Love" quote on the front and BK logo on the back. The charm can be easily attached to your Traveler's Notebook's elastic band. The brass will darken and patina over time with usage. 

Material: Brass 

You may notice a darkening or spots on the brass. This is not considered a defect but an organic characteristic that will develop a unique patina due to the natural aging process of brass.

Dimension: W1.75cm x H2.2cm

Designed By: Baum-kuchen, California

Made By: Made in collaboration with The Superior Labor  in Okayama, Japan

Condition: New

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