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A refillable diary is designed to accompany the Traveler's Notebook leather cover.

Using one page/day, you can capture two months using one notebook. Each page has a header where you can document a title for the day and mark the day of the week. Pages are lightly gridded to give you some guide while providing plenty of flexibility.

All refill notebook is made in Japan with Midori's original paper to pursue the highest writing quality. The notebook can be incorporated inside of the Traveler's Notebook's leather cover using the rubber band that comes with the leather cover. 

Fill this notebook with your travel journal, dreams, inspiration, ideas, and more!

Material:: Paper 64 pages   

Dimensions: W 4.5" x H 8.5" (when it's closed)  

Designed by: 
Traveler's Company in Japan

Made In: Japan 

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