[TRC] Kangaroo Spiral Notebook with Pockets

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Kangaroo Spiral Notebook is a hybrid of sketchbooks and envelopes.  

It has a clever paper pouch on each page, making it easy to store trinkets from your travel, such as tickets, maps, receipts, and postcards. Each "pouch" covers half of its page (a total of 32 pouches), and there is plenty of space for writing and drawing anything you could imagine. Kangaroo Spiral Notebook uses unique MD papers in off-white color, which are great for writing. Beautiful Kraft cover protects what you store inside of this notebook. The spiral binding makes it easy to open each page flat.

Kangaroo Spiral Notebook comes in A5 slim with a vertical and B7 with a horizontal format. 
Material: MD Paper, kraft cover, spiral bind (gold)


  • Vertical // A5 Slim: H218 x W130 x D18mm
  • Horizontal // B7: H90 x W130x D18mm

Designed and Made By: Designphil in Japan

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