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[BKxTRC] Dashboard is designed to make your Traveler's Notebook extra functional for every day!

From our experience of using Traveler's Notebook, not all notes and lists need to be a part of the archivable refill notebooks. Dashboard works around your weekly information and can capture your task list, up-to-date appointments for the week, as well as notes and thoughts that are jotted down on the go.

Each Dashboard is perfectly sized to work with Traveler's Notebook's regular size. When folded in half, it fits nicely inside your TN leather cover. One side of the sheet can be used for your to-do list (with checkboxes), and another is dedicated to the days of the week. When you finish the weekly sheet, you can toss it or archive it in an archive binder

The paper used for the Dashboard is called VENT NOUVEAU, produced in Japan. It is lightweight yet slightly thicker than regular writing paper. The dot grid used in the Dashboard is 4mm. 

Each package comes with 26 sheets of Dashboard which will capture your 1/2 year worth of notes! 

Dimension: W 3.75" x H 7.8" (when folded)

Designed by: Baum-kuchen

Produced by: TRAVELER'S COMPANY, Japan