[BK Original Sticker] Trust the Process

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Trust the Process Sticker Sheet was designed and created by Baum-kuchen. We believe that creativity comes from action. We hope that you can use these stickers inspired by drafting dots on your journal, planner or sketchbook as a reminder to keep trying and exploring new ideas. The colors on the stickers are inspired by changing seasons including the cherry blossom in spring, sunflowers in summer, the colored leaf in autumn, and quiet snow in winter. 

The sticker sheet has a lovely semi-translucent opacity so you can overlay the sticker with different textures or enjoy them as is.

The package includes 2 sticker sheets with 24 "Trust the Process" stickers.

For more inspiration, check out Frido's book Creative Strategies

Dimension: Sticker sheet: 4" x 6"

Designed By: Baum-kuchen in California

Condition: New