[TSLxBK] "Trust the Process" brass mini charm


[TSLxBK] "Paper Airplane" brass mini charm is the Baum-kuchen original charm made in collaboration with The Superior Labor.

Each package comes with 2 brass mini charms tied to a quality leather string. One charm features the beloved BK four-leaf clover symbol and another charm is a symbol of the paper airplane. 

The charm can be easily attached to your Traveler's Notebook's tin loop (on top of the leather cover) using the leather string. Or individual charm can be tied to the bookmark thread or to the TN elastic band. We also enjoy adding these charms to the Jibun Techo bookmark strings! The brass will darken and patina over time with usage. 


  • Brass 
  • Leather string
Dimension: Each charm is 3/8" in diameter

Designed By: Baum-kuchen in Los Angeles, CA

Made By: The Superior Labor in Okayama, Japan

Condition: New

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