[Postalco] Snap Pad Binder (A5)

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Snap Pad can be addicting to use if you love the analogue tactile experience. Adding or swapping sheets of paper inside the Snap Pad system is intuitive and enjoyable. You can either add refill sheets that are designed by Postalco or use papers around your house by simply punching two holes that match the Snap Pad binding system. You can organize and mix & match your Snap Pad sheets by priority, deadline dates, projects, or however it fits your needs. The possibilities are endless. 

All materials are carefully sourced by Postalco, and their artifacts are produced in Japan.

Use the Snap Pad with the 2-Hole punch made specifically for Japanese Binders so you are never without paper! We also have a compact hole puncher here

Compatible Paper Artifacts:

Materials: Pressed Cotton 
Please be advised that the actual material color can vary slightly depending on your screen.

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Dimension: 16 x 23 cm / 6.3 x 9.1"
Designed and Made by: Postalco in Japan