[Toyo] Steel Mini Box // Y-20 (Large)

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"Dreams will not rust" as their tag line, TOYO has been producing steel toolboxes since 1969. Toyo products were originally created to be drawers and toolboxes in an industrial environment. They brought functionally color-coded steel drawers and toolboxes to organize small parts and tools. 

This steel toolbox with its tactile design is perfect to store your favorite analogue artifacts, tools, or special heirlooms. The removable felt lining keeps your possessions from rattling inside. We love that you can keep it open on your desk to access frequently used items or close it up with the satisfying latch to keep your items safe from the elements. The sturdy handle makes it fun to carry it to and from your favorite spaces!

Material: Powder-coated steel

DimensionW 203 mm x D 97 mm x H 67 mm

Designed and Made By: TOYO in Japan

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