[MD] Paper Pad (A4)

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These paper pads crafted with Midori MD paper are a versatile companion for the creative mind. The minimal and soft canvas allows you to expand your ideas through writing, sketching, letter writing, and more. We love the thoughtful details such as a cut corner which not only looks neat but serves as a guide to remind you where to remove the sheet from the pad. The glue binding is in tact both on the top and right side of the pad so it can be enjoyed both vertically and horizontally allowing the pages to stay neatly in place. We hope you enjoy the experience of letting your creativity flow on these pages!

Compatible Artifacts: 

11.7" x 8.3" 
Number of sheets:
 90 sheets
Notable feature: Fountain pen friendly
Binding: Glue
Paper: MD cream paper. (The grid features a 5mm grid in light blue). 

Designed and Made By: MD in Japan