[Online Course] MOSS // Season #2 // Observing Desktop Landscape

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Welcome to season #2 of the BK MOSS experience. This season, we will focus on capturing artifacts on our analogue table, mainly using [BKxTRC] Grid Notebook and a fountain pen. 

MOSS (short for Moment of Stillness) invites you to slow down and observe the world around you. It is five gentle episodes by Frido that will help you learn ways to capture various moments of your day using a variety of drawing mediums. You can use this online course to learn how to draw objects around you or follow along to be inspired to add personal elements to your journal or planner pages. You can use this course to work at your own pace in the comfort of your home and analogue table. 

We hope you enjoy MOSS's intimate and relaxing atmosphere and feel more comfortable adding personal imprints to your analogue journey. 

How this course works // 

This course features five recorded episodes. Each guided episode lasts 30-40 minutes, and you can work through the course at your own pace.  Once purchased, you can access the contents anytime, so you can always return to the lesson as you would like.

If you are interested in browsing how MOSS online course works, you can try out MOSS Season #1, which is offered to the community as a gift. 

Course Details // 

  • [Episode 1] Transparent Quality // Glass and pen
  • [Episode 2] Desktop Landscape // Traveler's Notebook and Analogue Artifacts 
  • [Episode 3] Catching Light // Kokeshi Dolls
  • [Episode 4] Mini Veginette // Push Pins in a Match Box
  • [Episode 5] Focus Perspective // Instax Camera

 A List of Skills Covered //

  • Simple construction of cylinders in perspective
  • Indication of transparency/glass material
  • Lettering on curved surfaces
  • Constructing rectangular objects in perspective
  • Setting up the eye-level
  • Working with vanishing points
  • Construction of cone shapes
  • Simple shading using a cross-hatching technique
  • Light and shadow casting
  • Use of vanishing points and eye level to produce perspective
  • Using shadows and shading to add realism to the artifact
  • Drawing objects that are leaning at an angle
  • Constructing rounded edges
  • Drawing cylindrical shapes at different angles
  • Indication of textures and materials

A List of Analogue Tools // It's not required to have all these analogue tools to start your journey. Rather, please use this list as a gentle reference to continue cultivating the supplies that are unique to your drawing styles.

About Frido // Frido is the German Bauhaus half of the partnership at Baum-kuchen, taking a lead role in the creative and visual direction of Baum-kuchen. He has 20+ years of experience teaching design, creativity, and visual communication at ArtCenter College of Design.

When he is not teaching, homeschooling the kids, or working with BK, he enjoys the flow of creativity by opening his notebook and drawing, whether it is the next idea for BK or an artifact around him. Through these moments of stillness and observation, he feels a sense of connection to the world around him.