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Hello, and a warm welcome to Creative Strategies!

The journey of this course began a long time ago when a student once asked me: “Can you teach me to be more creative?” This question set me on a quest to develop a set of strategies that are based on my problem-solving approaches. I have since taught Creative Strategies to over 1,000 students, ranging from Executive Education Workshops, Corporate Retreats, Conferences, Business Schools (including INSEAD with campuses in Singapore and France), and ArtCenter College of Design in California.

The content has also been published in a book entitled “Creative Strategies - Ten approaches to solving more than design problems” which I recommend to you as supplemental reading material to accompany you on your journey in learning and implementing these techniques. You will recognize the case studies from this course and deepen your knowledge and insights about each technique. 

This course features the first three approaches, Pattern Breaking, Failfast Prototyping, and Vision Calibrating, with more in the works for future classes. I hope these Creative Strategies will help you expand your creative potential and empower you to apply new conceptual thinking to your work and everyday life. 



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    "The way Frido walks through the process with examples and specific actions reminded me that creativity is not only a skill, it’s an attainable one. This straightforward approach to the creative process is refreshing. I love that the course can be paused at any point so coming back to review or continue any of the sections is easy. What a wonderful companion to the Creative Strategies book!" - Jen

    "I’ve finished the courses, and I am excited about them. Thank you for offering your community the possibility to take part in it, especially when people live in another country. In 2017 I bought the Creative Strategies book, and both in combination is like taking a class in person. I found out that I, without knowing it, was practicing Failfast Prototyping myself sometimes. I am really happy that I decided to take the course, and I am looking forward to the upcoming classes in the future."  - Frauke

    "I love real-world stories. I love that the Strategies are separated out. I also love that they are short clips yet full of information. What has stuck with me so far is when Frido said to let the first ideas be bad.  I also loved hearing how Truly Yours came about. I can't wait to use the information in class. I like that it can be useful in all aspects of life. Here's to the Student that asked Frido how he could be more creative!" - Angie Jo

    "What I like about the videos is how it explains the strategies in a simple and understandable manner and, especially, in showing an example for each approach. To enable us, people who did not study design, to grasp the concept. Frido did not use abstract terms or philosophical ideas that are difficult to understand. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us and showing by example in this class. They go beyond designing products." - Mila