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Our well-loved BK symbol holds many meanings: The “Layers of Happiness” of the Baum-kuchen cake, the tree rings reminding us of our connection to nature, and the ripples of positivity we hope to send out into the world.

The BK team member Emil has taken this concept and created designs that you can incorporate into your everyday analogue moments. 
Emil layered hand-drawn rings over the painted textures of gouache inspired by the colors of natural elements. The small round stickers can be used as markers for your planner or sprinkled decoratively across the page like ripples from light rain. Four nature landscapes that are captured in the designs are Morning Haze, Moss, Ocean, and Sunset

We hope you find earth energy that resonates with you and will be able to use it on your planner pages, gift wrap, as well as a little accent on your snail mail. 

Each package comes with two sticker sheets of the design you choose. 

Dimension: Sticker sheet: 4" x 6"

Designed By: Baum-Kuchen, California

Condition: New

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