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If you are a "creative" kind, you probably have had an experience of looking for some place to jot down your new idea that sparked in the middle of nowhere! When that happens, a stack of paper napkins has been an unspoken media amongst creatives for capturing the next big idea. A piece of napkin provides an infinite possibility as a blank canvas for blue sky ideas to an engineered schematic drawing because it does not bring the anxiety and fear of a brand new notebook nor perfection in ideas (or sketches for the matter). If a drawing doesn't look right, you can just toss it!  (at the end of the day... it's just a napkin, right??) 

Napkin Sketchbook celebrates this creative habit by providing a space where your next napkin (and drawings on your used napkins) can be carried with you wherever you go. A pen (a thin tip Sharpie which is one of the most ideal pen to use on napkins) cleverly works as a locking mechanism for the leather case to ensure all the contents (napkins!) are safe and sound while on the go. 

The leather starts in a nude color and will tan as it gets exposed to the sun making the leather darker. (please see last two photos for a new and slightly used Napkin Sketchbook comparison) The more you use your Napkin Sketchbook at a coffee shop, bar, or anywhere between, the more beautifully worn in the leather will become. Please know that slight surface variations (color, textures, scratch marks, etc.) happen on some of the Napkin Sketchbook due to the nature of leather.

Napkin Sketchbook was designed by Fridolin Beisert of Baum-kuchen and exclusively produced by 1.61 Soft Goods in Los Angeles Downtown. The leather is die-cut and saddle stitched and finished by hand. We apply a thin acrylic finish coats on the flat surface of the leather which keeps the dirt away. The leather edge is carefully treated with wax. 

So go for an adventure and know that you will always have a place to capture your next big ideas wherever you are!  

**Napkin Sketchbook comes with a leather case, a black Sharpie (thin tip) and 10 square napkins to get your creative journey started. Since leather is a natural material, it comes with its own scratches and marks. You will see these marks on some of our Napkin Sketchbooks. I hope you enjoy these natural impression as you capture your next ideas on napkins.

***Please send an email to wakako (karma@baum-kuchen.net) for a large quantity order. 

Material: Leather
Please be advised that the true leather color can slightly vary depending on your screen.

1.61 artifacts are handmade with love and care by Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods in Japan. Diana and Wes work diligently to honor leather as organic material, making sure to minimize production waste. As a result, some of the 1.61 artifacts feature natural markings such as scars, blemishes, wrinkles, and dots. We hope you enjoy all of the characters for many years ahead as leather ages and patinas.

Dimension: H5.25" x L6" x D0.75"

Designed by: Fridolin Beisert of Baum-kuchen

Made by: 1.61 Soft Goods in Los Angeles

Condition: New

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